Your First Appointment


Your initial visit with our office will consist of a Comprehensive Examination , X-Rays and a General Cleaning. Based on your preferences, you will be assigned a personal dentist who will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of your dental care. During the initial appointment your dentist will explain all aspects of your care and discuss any need for restorative treatment. In the event you need follow-up appointments for additional treatment, you will be able to schedule appointments with your personal dentist or schedule appointments at your convenience.
Because we provide individualized attention, every patient is seen by one of our dentists and we do not double-book appointments. In all cases we strive to accommodate your schedule for moving appointments. However, we respectfully ask for 24 hours notice for canceling and rescheduling an appointment. This courtesy allows us to re-book the appointment for other patients in need of care.
Making an appointment at our Kahala office is easy. Please give us a call directly at 808-735-7777 to schedule.